Most execs are doing naming ass backwards

If you are naming your kid or your pet, you think of the names you like and then you pick one. This method works fine because every name you come up with is available, other than a few you eliminate as being too common or because you know someone with that name yourself. And, of course, duplicates are allowed, and often very common. In fact kids may even end up with the same name as pets or vice versa. When my sister yells “Ben” in her house, both the dog and my son jump!

How not to do namingBut this method is very unproductive and actually old-fashioned for business and product naming because the name you think of is probably taken. Worse it may be protected by trademark law giving you a potential legal headache if you proceed.  This is why I say execs are doing naming ass backwards.

Compare this with how professional namers name companies, products and services.  We first find a list of available names, then help management to like and understand and select one of the names. Yes, your favorite magic name doesn’t jump off the page right away – but it was probably taken because that is why you relate to it. But this broader view of naming gives you more chances of developing a great new name with worldwide trademark clearance to be the shorthand verbal handle for your brand going forwards.


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