If it is not a Frisbee® it is a ???

For Father’s Day a few years ago, my college boys took me around Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on their favorite Frisbee Golf course. It was a lot cheaper than me taking them on a round of real golf (in fact, free, except for the sandwiches).. and very interesting. Of course, despite the name we all use, the course was properly marked as the Disk Golf course. Believe it or not, Frisbee has been the registered trademark of the Wham-O Corporation since 1959, and they have recently extended the mark to many other clothing and toy categories, in addition to flying disks.Frisbee is a registered trademark

Then, right on cue, I read an article that reminded me Frisbees were named after the Frisbie Baking Company – which just happened to ship their cakes and cookies in round tins with nice lids that you could whiz across the room!

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