The Top 10 Brighter Naming Differences

Naming consultant for transportation industrial science

Top 10 ways we provide a different level of support for any of your naming projects:

We are marketeers first and namers second.
We have a rich technical, scientific, industrial and financial background.
We are very international with team members around the globe.
We are former systems people and very process-oriented so that we involve all your key stakeholders.
We do all projects on a fixed price, guaranteed results basis, regardless of final number of names presented or hours expended.
We saved every name we ever touched and so have an enormous database of unique names.
We have over 20 years experience and are dedicated to the science and art of naming.
We learned trademark law at a major international firm.
We pioneered Name Audits and Emergency Naming Procedures.
We have name generators, but most of our names are developed by multi-linguistic humans who understand the marketplace, the tone, the strength, the image and the branding potential of a unique name.

Some of our recent accolades:

Congratulations on the Crunchbase article

Voted one of the top 10 branding agencies in Silicon Valley for 2021

“Thanks again for being on the Thought Leader Life show and for sharing your credibility with us. We really appreciate it! See episode on Facebook.”

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