Sony gaming site goes down from lack of a simple renewal

Sony gaming logo and namingOver at Domain Name Wire Andrew Alleman reports the true facts behind why Sony’s Online Gaming site recently went down for over 48 hours – someone forgot to renew a key domain name registration! This is exactly why I  implore my clients when they register a new domain name to use an email address that is checked regularly, both now and in the future when the new domain is is live.

Many respond with, “Not to worry we signed up for five years.” OK. But who will be around in five years, especially if you have used a generic management email like Sony did? Secondly, why wasn’t such a key domain set to Auto Renew?

Let us all use this as a lesson learned and schedule an annual domain audit. There are good reasons to hold some domains temporarily – but is this the year we let them go? There are others that are critical to our business operations and they should be treated very differently and more than one person in your company should be keeping an eye on those. Consider even using an outside monitoring service if you are a big international conglomerate.

Finally, most registry services process thousands of domains for a very small  annual fee per name. The only way they can do this is through automating it from start to finish. But if you are holding a number of domains, like we are at any given time, it is comforting to know they are with a very service oriented outfit like Can you believe one of their humans actually calls me up so every often to remind me about renewals and other management issues.


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