Zello – now why didn’t I think of that?

ZelloLogoThis morning I am kicking myself twice. Once for not thinking of the name Zello long ago, despite the fact I have rated and promoted the name Zillow for real estate, and even sold clients names like Zymmetry. Secondly for not thinking (nor at least following through) on the implementation of a smart phone app that makes any phone into a walkie-talkie. There is a reason so many emergency personnel as well as construction and other workers still use walkie-talkie radios. They simply work – that is why. Even when you can’t thumb type fast or even if in fact your hands are in use. When you talk to someone or some group live it is always instant and rich communications.

Anyway, somewhere right now there is a cell phone company asking themselves why they didn’t come up with a simple, great name like Zello. There are many protestors in the Ukraine and elsewhere discovering what a great instant group communications tool the old radio idea was, especially now that we all have  cheap handsets in our pockets. The folks at Zello must have done something right to knock Skype and others out of this arena.

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