New airline names fly in all directions

There isn’t much call for professional naming help for naming airlines, since there are seldom new airlines at all. But it is fun to read in the latest Business Week about the low-fare airline startup frenzy in Asia and see the names that are now fast becoming household words for the new flying Asians.

ScootLogoTo quote the article “With names such as Scoot, Peach Aviation, JetStar Airways and AirAsia, all are competing wing-to-wing against traditional airlines.” Elsewhere they also mention Tigerair, SpiceJet and Hong Kong Express Airways. Needless to say these newcomers will live or die by the usual metrics of airline success, but all things being equal, which name(s) immediately makes you think you’d rather fly with them? Or which one has given its marketing department the branding advantage from the first moment the name is uttered?

From my point of view, SpiceJet is very interesting though I may be suspicious about potential on-board smells. However, my winner by far is Scoot. If you think South West Airlines have fun despite their boring name, imagine what someone can do with Scoot provided you have at least a few light-hearted bones in your body!

For example, their transfer service is called Scoot-Thru. Heck a lot of airline travel is not fun, and connecting can be quite stressful. So congratulations to Scoot for trying to put a happy face on the ordeal and that of all their passengers.

Satellite Imaging Names

Separately in an unrelated article, this same edition of the magazine calls out the swarm of satellite imaging startups in Silicon Valley, with more to come nationwide. How many ways can you say “eye in the sky”? For now we especially have Skybox Imaging and Planet Labs, but expect many more – and a flock of similar names with only a few standout name leaders.

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