When your brand logo has a nickname

Fast food naming and branding, image trademarksA few blogs back we asked if you knew the nicknames for the McDonalds and Ford logos. Surely most of you knew the easy answer to the first part of this: The Golden Arches for McDonalds ubiquitos big M symbol.
Not used much outside the company, except perhaps by industry insiders, did you know Ford’s logo is called the Blue Oval. Even more interesting though is the fact that at one stage the exact value of this brand was established. This happened Vehicle naming, consumer brand naming, consumer image logos and trademarkswhen Ford got the big 4$billion loan (or thereabouts) from the government bailout when most car companies were in serious trouble. At that time they took the big Blue Oval off their conference room wall and gave it to the lead underwriting backing the deal – for safekeeping of their brand. I loved the way this was done, especially when they made a good PR event out of paying off the loan and claiming back a big physical representation of their brand – literally.

Today I see Ford are advertising that their brand is the most important brand in the world. In cars and trucks worldwide, maybe yes. But across all industries, I am not so sure. Regardless, its value is up in the 16$billion range or more nowadays.

top naming and branding agencyQuestion of the week: Most brand logos have some tie in to the company name or products. Why then does Landor, one of the biggest branding agencies in the world, use this ship as their logo?


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