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From the minute I learned about Patreon I have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the cleverness of their offerings, and the memorability of their name. Of course I wondered why they had not tried harder to be Patron or Patron something. Now I realize they were much smarter than me and selected a unique name for all their branding efforts – but not abstract. The roots of the name continue to be strong and powerful.
Great coined name roots PatreonMust say the logo is kind of boring, not that I have any better ideas other than to tell a graphics designer to somehow imply more a sense of excitement and action and not make it look like creators will run into a brick wall.

I learned about Patreon after my son put me up to SV Delos and other sailing channels. So much more fun each week than waiting for a short season of Survivor. SV Delos name origin and sailing around the worldAnd SV Delos travels and people are so real and so educational and so much fun because all crew take part in making the videos and there is no corporate producer in site. Isn’t this logo a  lot more fun? And their buddha man is full size on their mainsail. All designs and editing and vlogging are done onboard by the full time crew or their short term helping sailors.

My greek studies are non-existent, other than the overlap with Latin, so I still smile everytime I hear Capt Brian saying “Delos – like the Greek princess”. I had never heard of her before, I am almost ashamed to admit. Anyway, now Sailing Vessel Delos brings in the most money from Patreon of any other blue water sailing channel members and has 200K+ followers on YouTube – which brings them in only a trivial amount of funding.

Thanks Patreon for a great name and a great way to support creative endeavors with crowd-sourcing that is on-going.


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