Engineers and Scientists are People too.

Should you brand industrial and scientific products? How about embedded engineering items? Who is going to know? Who is going to care?

I have had many a client over the years wrestle with these questions and comments, to which I reply:

Engineers are people who react to branding“Engineers and scientists are people too”

Yes, even in this new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR), have you noticed that computers don’t reach out and contact one another and automatically purchase products or make a deal. There are many tools to help engineers and scientists research the available options, as well as special software for their associated purchasing departments. But not until humans have set up a deal and a supply chain do computers automatically buy products.

And all these humans are naturally affected by brand, perception and positioning. Even for embedded products as simple as basic components to complete turn-key solutions.

Your name for such products, as per usual, is not your brand. Your brand is a promise. A promise of an experience. So go out and create the best experiences you can and then give them a great name to use as shorthand for that total brand you deliver. They can then know what to call the brand they are seeking. And what shorthand to use instead of an elaborate description.  Which in turn they can use to pass along their experience and recommendation by word of mouth and word of mouse. And you can protect with a trademark.

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