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Harbor Freight is a fine name for a tool company

It is only now that I go to write this posting that I notice the full name of Harbor Freight is actually Harbor Freight Tools. So it doesn’t sound like a freight company after all for the few of us

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A123 Systems – Superb technology…any old name will do?

Many an executive has said (or at least thought) that any old name will do since they have such great technology or such a great solution, or even such a great sales force? But what happens when you grow up?

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Brighter Naming anointed as a leading SMB naming firm, the research firm that specializes in providing information on the top design, development and marketing firms, has selected us as a leading naming agency.  This is a great honor for our service related business that itself is a Small/Medium

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Enjoying the new Castrol Edge

I have often told people working for a company, that if they didn’t like the name or logo, there were only 3 choices available to them: Organize a program to evaluate and change it Live up to it Quit Usually

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