Is Fiat entry to North America now a Fait Accompli?

When Italian Automobile Factory of Turin initials were used to create FIAT in 1899 it didn’t last long until it became effectively a new word Fiat – especially in Italy.

As professional namers we are very gun shy of initials for names, because they are so hard to own and protect and take so long (and so much money) to brand and promote. Of course we would never suggest changing this name – after all it has iconic status after all these years, even though their full brand stable really has some other big names too, like Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.

Fiat500From a language point of view, isn’t it interesting that Fiat and fait (as in fait accompli) are pronounced the same by most people. Is this because they can’t spell in latin, or simply we don’t know how to pronounce fait?


They have a big challenge (and opportunity) reentering the US market, but at least their name is well known and a world class brand. See also blog on Fiat is not as Famous in

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