Hear Athol speak at Silicon Valley Code Camp

This year over 3500 programmers have already registered for software guru Peter Kellner‘s annual Silicon Valley Code Camp.  Where else would so many geeks give up their whole weekend to learn about the latest and greatest tools, trends and techniques in the world of software development?


Foothill College in Los Altos, just off Hiway 280 in South Bay

Since I was Peter’s tech support over 25 years ago, I am always invited to present, even though I am now a professional marketing and branding consultant (and sometimes still with one oar in the water for consulting with startups.)

So I have pioneered some courses for this annual gathering to help programmers learn how to turn their code into a business, as well as how to name and protect their software trademarks. Other marketeers like Sean Murphy will talk about Working for Equity while Massimo Paolini continues his excellent series on web SEO marketing.

Hear us all, along with all the major software tool vendors of the world,  for free at the beautiful Foothill College campus – Oct 5 & 6.

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