Doing a double take on the awful Looxcie name

Sometimes I have to dig a little further to find a good name or name story to blog about. Other times, like now, I have a whole collection on standby for processing. But they will all have to wait as Looxcie jumps out at me as such a bad name. I am sorry. I don’t often say that but this name just blows me away.

LooxcieLogoFor  a while I thought it was some strange French government project or company, as CIE is a rather common qualifier over there. In fact I was tired when first reading the name and couldn’t even pronounce it…. yeah I know I am getting old.  But really… why burden such great products (I think) and probably a good marketing and management team, with the headache of explaining their name on almost all initial customer, vendor, partner and media interchanges.

Imagine being a sales person on the phone and having to say I am calling from Look See (or Look Sea) about our new HD waterproof cameras.  And while you are talking the other person is saying “but is an asset appraisal company”. Then you have to waste time spelling the ridiculous childish version that is not even spelled phonetically correctly.

I guess they figured that part out though, since takes you to their main site anyway – but introduces the negative root “loo”. What a shame, especially since their competitor has such a cool name.

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