Interesting names for home sites on the web

ZillowLogoThere are many real estate agencies across the USA, all of which have somehow found a name to use. Of course, most of these are fairly local geographically speaking, though they might even belong to one of the few national franchises. Every time we work with realtors, it seems the bias is towards very traditional and conservative names. We even joke about being the next SunCoast realtor for those in South East, or the next Sunset Homes for those on the West Coast.

TruliaLogohouzzSo that made me ponder why the newer national online services for home buyers and remodellers have such interesting and unique names like Zillow, Houzz and Trulia. My guess is because all these are started by young high tech geeks trying to change the archaic old models of house hunting. Geeks..not realtors! People with a desire for a short new unique name that they can brand and trademark worldwide. And people with the confidence to do so without having to explain to family and friends why they did not call it Sunshine Home Values.

Let this be a lesson to all who are looking for new names. Properly coined words that sound like they belong in the dictionary, but are not, are your shortest route to creating a new, unique and defensible brand name, as this example so clearly illustrates.

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