Shorter Names don’t get lost in Nothing But Initials hell

Just when I was thinking about publishing my annual diatribe about how long names so easily get abbreviated to initials, and then you are lost in the morass of nothing but initials that are so hard and expensive to brand, I came across this footer from the home page of RioGrande:


RioGrande themselves would never think of watering down their brand to RGI say, but look at all their memberships and partners. Unless you are in their specific field I bet you haven’t a clue what these stand for, other than Verisign which you don’t have to decode.

Notice also that they are now a Berkshire Hathaway Company (Warren Buffet’s investment holding company). And long as the name is, no one even thinks of calling it BHC!

Abbreviations in names and logos are usually to fix problems with the original names. Initials are really hard to trademark and own as well. So don’t go there in the first place, and don’t allow anyone to abbreviate your trademark except lawyers in legal contracts.

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