Wavii becomes a Google company

WaviiLogoSome clients, and other agencies, are surprised that Brighter Naming will still find a way to work with very small startups.  And today we have a new example of why we do this as Wavii officially announced that they have been bought out by Google.

We enjoyed working with Adrian Aoun on this naming project when he barely had two brass nickels to rub together, but we were flattered he came to us for help even though his father is an eminent linguistics professor. I guess it was time for practical results, not academic theory :).

Seriously though, congratulations to the team at Wavii (in Seattle, Washington) on becoming Googleites – which is why they can use this new color scheme on their soon to be historic logo.  Hope you don’t all have to move to Mountain View, California – it is full already, even we got squeezed out.

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