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Mobile smart phone and smart pad users, a mini version of this website designed specifically for such devices is now available at

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Technorati – great name, great blogging service

If you are setting up a blog, don’t forget to register your feed with Technorati, the original and the best index to blogs. You will need your own Claim Code from them, as ours is 37NFA7XWAYXE and it will not

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Hello World of Namers and Naming

This blog is specific to matters, customers and events that affect Brighter Naming in one way or another. We love your stories, feedback, questions and comments so please keep them coming.   And for those of you who love the

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Naming Articles

New brand insider articles from an experienced marketing team. Learn all the basics of naming, branding and trademark registration from these free reports:

Mar 2019:The Power and Value of a Trademark

Jan 2019:4 common branding mistakes

Oct 2018: You named it What?

July 2018: Sample processes from leading consultants

June 2018: 10 steps to develop a process

August 2016: How to select a naming agency.

July 2016: How to get International Trademark protection.

March 2016: You received a cease and desist letter. Now what?

May 2015: How can one product line have many trademarks?

Our naming gurus follow and comment on current naming practices worldwide.

See the latest Name Critic ratings for names like Skype, Pinterest, Etsy, etc.

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