Google off map and out of country

Two things I have noticed about Google lately:

1- If I use Google Maps to find a place, I have to be careful when I ask for a print out.  The pin on the printout is often across the street from the one on the screen (the right one) and sometimes even down a few blocks. This is a serious bug. Probably means Google programmers are using Chrome browser that makes it so hard to print just one of many pages in a hurry. I know you are saving trees, but some of us have businesses to run!


2- Google is sometimes using the domain for their own sites. Still doesn’t take me direct to Google Plus… the only social media major (and probably minor) site without its own domain address. “.co” of course really means Colombia…the great mountainous nation in Latin America… diversifying their income sources to selling off their domains. What a cool way to denigrate your own brand. It is not like Google is the longest word in the world that it needs so many abbreviations.. even on phones. Certainly not on tablet devices. Yes maybe on Twitter…where tiny tags make a mess of everything. For that Google has bought up Greenland, so you can visit domain and get your own free short URL. Oh well, now you know why Google has applied to be the owner of a new gTLD called “.goo”


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