Brighter Summer 2012 News Bulletin

The Brighter News Bulletin

Summer 2012

Special Summer Offer
FREE tagline or slogan with every naming project
A good new name deserves a carefully crafted tagline. Nothing helps tie up a great new name so well as an appropriate matching tagline or slogan, so for the rest of summer we are offering to include taglines as part of all naming projects at no charge. Complete the sign post to your new business, product or service with both a name and a matching tagline.
See Free Taglines offer.
Earn big referral dollars. Become a Brighter affiliate today.
We have partnered with many other agencies and consultants over the years on naming projects. Now anyone can be an affiliate partner and earn fast bonus payouts simply for passing along a name and phone number of someone looking for a name. See Partners/Affiliates
in our Background section.
You can even do this passively with a link or linked ad from your website, in which case we will also list your services in the right category on our Resources page.
A blog a day keeps the rust away.

And follow all our specific Brighter Naming news, articles and critical name analysis on our own blogsite at the Fall Athol will be presenting at SV Code Camp and SV Marketing Camp on the subject: What the DOT domain is now going on? It is also an ongoing subject
of interest in all blogs as the newly expanded top level domains finally
come online.

+1-650-704-8181 or visit

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The Power of ® is a trademark of Brighter Naming.
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