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Summer 2016 Special Offer
Tie up your branding with a good tagline


For this summer only, we will provide you with a free matching corporate or business tagline on all full-service company naming projects.

Similarly, on request, we will provide a new slogan to go with each new product name that is completed through one of our engagements.

Tagline Creation Process

Slogan and tagline development nowadays needs to be developed using a rigorous creative process too. Not just by writers in the creative department, but also by product people, and professional wordsmiths who have worked in the trenches of sales and marketing.

While we do not need to move as many taglines as we do need to process names, tagline development follows a similar methodology at Brighter Naming. Nothing less than a hundred or so to start with from multiple creative namers. This is followed by professional facilitation, listening and testing as we progress, with many variations and tweaks to find just the right few words that capture the true essence of your message.

Extra Bonus

The keyword in branding is consistency, consistency, consistency. So only one tagline can be in use at a time at a given company. However, many of our clients discover that the “runner-up” taglines make great copy samples for headings in brochures or web sites, or key bullets in presentations, or strong statements for press releases.

And of course they should – as they have been developed by professional marketing copywriters!

See the Results – Enjoy the $avings

We do all projects on a fixed price basis which is dependent on size of organization. So…

Company Size/Age
Typical Naming Project Fee
Usual Tagline Fee
Summer Tagline Fee
Sole Prop. Startup
Partnership Startup
Funded Small Startup
Small Business
Medium Business
Domestic Corp
Intnl Corp


Don’t need a Product Slogan? Substitute two books.

If you do not need a slogan to go with your new product or product family name, you can still benefit from this offer by claiming two free books from the Brighter Marketing series. Print or ebook editions, your choice. And as an added bonus, claim one fiction novel from Foden Press too – since all work and no play makes business boring.

To Claim Your Free Tagline

Email or phone us (See Contacts) with your naming dilemma and as part of your quote, ask for the Free Summer Tag option. Do tell us a little about your company and time frame. Speed and flexibility are our hallmarks.

Don’t delay, call today +1-650-960-0411.



This offer is only open to clients in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia and expires Sept 30th, 2012.


PS Yes, you can register your tagline as a trademark!


Yes, we will check your tagline is legally clear.

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