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Food brand naming consultantEvery day I hear from so many people who are trying to describe their product or company, rather than name it. So it was refreshing to be in a new supermarket and see these products on the upper shelves literally calling out to me. One by its name and one by the logo wink.

It reminded me of those great seminars on Selling off the shelf. Consumer products people should know well that the most important factor is the packaging, followed by the name.

But what if you are selling through eChannels? Today those are also very visual, but most searches are on brand names or descriptive terms. And the most important marketing tool is still far and away Word of Mouth (sometimes Word of Mouse) – and what gets passed along – the name! It is the short brand handle. Not a brand itself, but shorthand for the full brand promise.

Now to try some YooHoo and Hubert’s lemonade _ )     wink. Chances are they taste good because I already have good expectations.

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