Where will names come from in 2015?

How to find new product namesFor 2015 many news magazines are predicting that the age of innovation is alive and well. For me that translates into lots more products, systems, solutions and start-up companies. All of which need a name. So how will the management and marketing teams come up with these names? And what will their lawyers think and do?

Trends we have seen in the recent past provide us some guidelines on what is likely to happen. Here are our top 10 naming predictions for 2015:

  1. New crazy spellings of common words will continue (Flick, Loopt, Lyft, Swype)
  2. Names will be recycled (the new Palantir is headed towards being worth a billion dollars)
  3. Duplicates will continue to proliferate
  4. Management will be angry and insist on using their favorite names
  5. A few marketeers will be creative and explore new creative names
  6. Foreign language speakers will have an advantage from their broader linguistic skills
  7. Initials will continue to be used for longer names – unfortunately complicating branding many times over.
  8. Some teams will recognize that now naming agencies can really be worth their money and a great help to get unique, new, legally clear names.
  9. The world is waking up to how unique names are so much easier to find when you search them.
  10.  All those fancy new top level domain names will make little headway in practical usage.

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