Fun drink names for the holidays

Naming alcohol drinksOne of the fun things about food shopping over the end of year holidays is that you get to see all sorts of wine and alcohol product names that are normally not on the shelves at your favorite stores. At least not front and center.  Plus with family and guests in the house, we all tend to seek out some extra cheer.

It is about then that I get distracted as I  realize how unique drink names have to be, as well as how creative many people are in coming up with these names – unusual enough to pass the ATB Cola Tests (Alcohol & Tobacco Common Label), in addition to the usual trademark and common law requirements, but also smart enough to attract consumers.

Alcohol BrandingMississippi Mud might be quite popular down south, but I doubt you ran out and bought a size pack unless you like a strong dark ale.

Maybe you are more like me, stupid when it comes to teh different tastes of ale products, so you were thinking more of a bottle of Hop Stoopid.

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