White Hawk Software is a Great Security Software Name


White Hawk Software Protection Software

Over the past weekend at the big geek fest known as Silicon Valley Code Camp, a shy gentleman sidled over to me after one of my talks and asked me (rather nervously) what I thought of the name of his company. Of course I am used to being put on the spot like this ever since I became known as the naming guy, but still it is often awkward to be polite or to have to say “I need to think about it” or more commonly “Have you checked who else has that name?”

Anyway… this was one of those rare magic days when I knew the name was perfect, and instinctively new he had done his homework too (typical for diligent techy types). So I had the great joy of instantly replying that White Hawk was a perfect, even a great name, for security software.

Not only do I know a lot about technical name spaces, I know some about good and bad software characters, companies and countries. I am fascinated by how many viruses are missed each day by the big names, for example. Plus I have helped many a friend decontaminate their systems. On top of that, I had just come from another session on SEO basics by Massimo Paolini where Massimo also talked about White Hats, Grey Hats, and Black Hat practitioners.

Good names are even better when they really fit the personality or style of the company or its founder and that is why I knew White Hawk Software was so perfect for Chris Jacobi and his business – after all, Chris has a big shock of white hair and a white beard too!

Names like these make it so much easier to enable WOM (Word of Mouth) Marketing. It makes it simple for me pass along his memorable name and recommendations to see his software when I can confidently use the name and know it is so appropriate.

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