What a great name – Hint

consumer drinks namingSometimes you come across a name that is so simple and elegant you just have to ask why didn’t I think of that? And how the heck was the reg TM still available?

And you won’t get a better example than this fairly new flavored water drink called Hint. In this age of increasing popularity of bottled water drinks, having one that so eloquently can imply a hint of lemon or a hint of lime is surely a home run for branding.

Of course, a brand is a lot more than just the name. It is the promise of an experience. So in this case, the drink has to stand up to lots of taste tests. Unfortunately, I am not so sure it will. Yet I see they have been around for at least 12 years so they must be doing something right with their fruit flavorings.


Hint® is a registered trademark of Hint Inc from San Francisco, California.

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