Some names are just so simple and right

I love it when I come across a name that is so simple and so appropriate. And what a bonus when it is also properly trademarked and protected.

Great cross over coined name ideasWell it doesn’t happen often but last week when I was digging in the supermarket for some mushrooms, I saw all they had to offer where these trays of Champs mushrooms. With a name like that how could I resist?

If you are French, or speak French, or known French fine dining (maybe even common dining), then you know the French word for mushrooms is Champignon!

Of course, they don’t pronounce it Champ  – more like Shaamp but that doesn’t matter. Isn’t Champs a great name for mushroom farms  and their products.  By reading English into a French words someone came up with a great name and jumped on it.

No surprise, these mushrooms are imported from Canada, albeit they are from western Canada which isn’t always as French fluent as the eastern  provinces.

Do you know of any other such cross-over names? Do let me know.

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