Oxymoron Names can be Powerful

The other day I fell asleep by an open drafty cold window. By morning I could barely move my neck and had no motion at all in one direction. Being a stubborn male I did nothing but massage and rub it all day, plus take a few Tylenols to dull the pain.
Two days later I was still having trouble driving a car as I couldn’t look right to check for oncoming traffic so I broke down and went to the drug store. Of course I had those old, old famous smelly rub ointments on my mind. Those with names like Ben Gay or Tiger Balm – great strong sounding Asian names.
Oxymoron cream product namesBut by the time I found the right shelf, IcyHot cream was jumping out at me. As a namer, how could I not like IcyHot. Talk about an oxymoron… anywhere else in English literature these two words would never go together. If you asked youngsters to analyze the name they might say it was nonsense as it is impossible for something to be icy and hot. However, the impossible has become the dominant brand name on the shelves in the USA now. And it works for me: goes on cool and heats up the muscles real fast.
The cream still stinks, but who cares when the name brings a smile to your face. Wish I could find more names like this, especially on products that work as advertised.


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