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Many years ago I started my first iteration of Name of the Week when I learned that search engines wanted fresh content regularly to maintain your SEO score. And this was long before blogging and social media existed, let alone had become household words. My partner at the time, and to some extent me too, was afraid we would run out of names to rate and write about so she asked me to prepare 25 names at least before we went live. How naive we were. Here we are 20 years later and I don’t think we will ever run out of names, however long I live. In an amusing side note, at one stage Siskel & Ebert came after us for using the Thumbs Up rating, similar to they did for movie ratings. We were flattered that they even noticed, but of course we were quick to change our symbols. Care to suggest some for this go around?

In the interim, we often blogged about names here, or did a slightly more formal rating of a name while writing as The Name Critic. This will continue to evolve at its own pace and readers are invited to submit fairly well known names for free, public analysis.

Reethe Witherspoon's company name Hello SunshineBut what better way to revive Name of the Week than to discuss Hello Sunshine. This is the name of Reese Witherspoon’s own production company. As if I wasn’t charmed enough already by Miss Legally Blonde herself, now I want to reach out and give her an extra big hug just for selecting such a cool name. What a positive name for everyone to work with or for. What a great message to put on the credits of every movie they make. What a great way to attract scripts and people you want to work with. What a great way to cut through the noise of all other media or movie production companies.

Hello Sunshine definitely rates 3 stars.


Reeth Witherspoon production company name

Find them online at and see their simple but unique logo that goes with this company name.

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