From SkyScan to Bruker MicroCT …why such a name change?

In all of my years of watching company naming, I still get some big surprises. And this one is my head-scratcher of the day. Why oh why would any company change from the super elegant SkyScan name to the awkward Bruker MicroCT name? This surely shows what an internally focused company they are – because I refuse to believe the customers voted for this change.

Customers who were probably proud to tell their friends and colleagues they use a SkySkan instrument are not going to be walking around with the same enthusiasm trying to explain a Bruker microCT instrument. It even sounds like Micro Connecticut to me. Weren’t any US team members involved in this decision?

Sure it is a very technical and scientific product that is going to be sold on its features and specs, but as I point out in my Brighter Branding book, Engineers are people too. And, as I will be preaching till the day I die, your name is short hand for your brand promise. It is the handle by which they can hold all their concepts and interactions with your business. Why should it not be clean and simple and strong?

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