A Virus by any other name ….

As the world’s first major pandemic in over hundred years rages on, consumers and the press have adopted two popular shorthand names for it: Corona Virus or Covid Virus. Nowadays the two names are used interchangeably, but which one is the most popular?

Drug and vius naming servicesWell when these names first came into prominence, I realized right away that Corona was a more positive and hopeful name, and Covid was more of harsh and threatening name. This is the kind of thing professional namers study. In fact, if these two names were the finalists in a naming project I would ask the client about their brand values. Do you want to be more friendly and polite or do you want to be more serious and threatening? Then the decision between two good names suddenly becomes easy and management can agree and move on.

Similarly, today that the threat and hatred for the disease spreads and there is not as much hope for quick solutions and cures and more dread of catching it, the term Covid has become far more prevalent than the friendlier term Corona.

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