Slick as a whistle pig

The title of this blog is taken directly from the heading of an article in a recent copy of Business Week – with thanks and acknowledgments. And I have used it since it was clearly authored to attract attention to a subject they usually don’t cover – nor do I.

But a long time ago I told my sister that if I ever opened a British style pub I would call it “The Pig and Whistle”. Of course, she would break my bubble by pointing out there already was one by that name. In fact, later we found more than one.

British pubs seem to be one class of establishment that do not need help from naming agencies. Maybe it is because they have been around so long, and many have farmyard like names – or names borrowed from the farmyard.

Naming wines and spiritsAnyway, in this case, Whistle Pig is the name of a new whiskey distillery with an irreverent Canadian founder/partner with one singular goal in mind: To make the world’s finest rye whiskey. A very serious product direction – for a company with a very non-serious name. But when you want to attract attention with both your taste tests as well as your marketing, why not?


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