How to Make Your Brand Image Consistent Across All Channels

  1. In today’s world, competition for customers has become increasingly fierce throughout all industries.Branding is the key to differentiating your company from your competition.

All good brands are built through the regular delivery of their brand promise. It is this consistency that builds trust with the consumer and lays the foundation for their support and promotion.

As such, it is incredibly important your brand image remains consistent across all channels, including website, app, and social media platforms.

Naming companies, such as Brighter Naming, are here to help your business maintain and elevate its image so as to keep more customers and secure new leads.

Use these tools to create brand consistency across all channels:

  • Channel your brand on your website
    • Use your website to demonstrate your brand’s voice and mission
  • Maintain your brand image on social media
    • Have a distinct voice for each social media platform, but also maintain your brand’s message across each channel
  • Develop your app’svoice
    • Allow for constant customer access so your consumer can share your brand

Channel Your Brand on Your Website

According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers will research a product before deciding to make a purchase. This behavior highlights the importance of a website for today’s companies.

With this being said, you can use your website to demonstrate your brand’s voice and mission and gain potential leads. Remember, your website is the hub for all of your content and your products, so it is vital for your company to have a professional website.

Your website establishes your company brand for other channels, so it must demonstrate the strength ofyour brand voice. In addition, your website is where consumers go to reference your brand, so its content must establish a clear and consistent mission.

Maintain Your Brand Image on Social Media

With more than 3 billion active social media users worldwide, it is important your company recognizes the enormous potential social media offers to reach your target audience.

There are numerous platforms to reach consumers, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Though each of your social media channels should have a distinct voice, given the scope of what each platform has to offer, it is important to maintain your brand message across each.

For example, Wendy’s launched a social media campaign on Twitter that generates interest by using sarcasm, sass, and jokes. Still, the company keeps their website professional with clear images and information about their food.

A consistent brand message is what keeps your customers loyal and willing to refer you to potential customers.

To maintain your brand image on social media, your company should be sure to share updates in short form and include a lot of visuals. Short updates are easy to read and remember, and strong visuals keep users intrigued.

In addition to generating engagement through updates, it is also important for your business to use social media as a means of monitoring what consumers are saying and the question they have about your company. Listening on social media or “social listening” is how you are able to gain important market insight directly from consumers.

Social media can boost customer engagement and provide an alternative customer service channel. Still, you must maintain your brand across each platform to ensure validity and trust.

Develop Your App’s Voice

With an app, both Android and iOS users have constant access to your company. Apps remain within constant reach of a user as smart devices have become a standard in the US.

You should create a design persona, representative of your company and incorporate your brand traits into the app. In this way, consumers will be able to recognize your brand upon download.

In addition, developing a voice that resonates with your audience is another important tool in designing an engaging brand voice. The secret to effective in-app communication is creating a tone that feels natural to your audience.

Naming software and servicesFor example, MailChimp, an email marketing agency, is a great example of a brand that knows its voice and how to use it in an effective way. The company’s tone of voice in all communication is “fun but not silly,” “smart but not cocky,” and “expert but not bossy.”

MailChimp defined their brand voice in set terms and then incorporated it into their mobile app. When using the app, users are immediately confronted with the MailChimp brand and can recognize they are using the company’s app versus any other.

Apps provide a unique way to stay within constant reach of your users. Using push notifications and personalized messaging, maintain your brand voice and increase consumer interest.


The Importance of Maintaining Your Brand Across Channels

Overall, it is important for your company to keep your brand consistent across all channels. You can accomplish this by representing your unique brand on your website, maintaining your brand image on social media platforms, and developing your own distinguished app voice.

Growing and expanding your brand will ensure your company stands out from its competition and creates a positive lasting impression on your regular and potential customers.


Emily Clark – (Guest Blogger)

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