Alorica is an interesting, non-Spanish name

AloricaLogoI am not sure where I have been lately with CRM systems knowledge, but somehow I had never heard of the company called Alorica until last weekend when I saw it in big letters on a building tucked away in a back street in Fresno, California.

Having just come out of some big stores that were predominantly Hispanic, with all aisle signs in both Spanish and English, I was thinking I am in a Spanish neighborhood and what interesting and often musical names they give their businesses. I made a note in my cell phone (while stopped at a red light) to check out the name.

Well today I finally did. And I am a bit disappointed. Alorica is no glamor or musical or restaurant or band name. Maybe I had this impression from an accidental association with folklorica  (folk law in Spanish). Turns out rather that Alorica is a big IT software and customer solutions company. They explain the roots of their name (thanks for putting this on your website) as follows:

“Lorica” is Latin for the services a knight provides.
“A” is for Alpha- the Greek letter meaning “first.”
Hence Alorica = First in Service.

Great name. Great meaning. Inspiration even. And my apologies for thinking otherwise. Now I will never forget this name.

Insofar as I can tell, this company started in the Midwest but today are headquartered in Irvine, Southern California with a major sales office in Rochester, NY.

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