Rdio – Cryptic, Obvious, Better than Initials, But?

rdioIs this name pronounced Radio or R Dio? Since it is a music playlists site they are obviously playing off the word Radio. But how clever is it really, especially when there is already a Radio.com out there? In fact, in the ebizMBA site, Radio.com is listed just above them in the top 15 music sites (which somehow managed to not include iTunes!).

Plus as far as I can see, they play music lists and albums… not radio stations at all. And I would have thought the name Radio is a generic and therefore not trademarkable. However, Rdio does have good US Fed Reg TM protection (even though their graphics doesn’t yet use the ® symbol. And I have to give them that it stands out from the noise of competitors like Pandora, Yahoo Music, MySpace, iHeart, Spotify, AllMusic, TuneIn, SoundCloud, Last.FM, Grooveshark, Jango and the awful Songza.

iTunes has completely changed my life and allowed me to make a great legal collection of music that is as diverse as my background and travels. Perhaps one of these other music sites will ring your bell too.

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