Airbnb is a great name even though it is shorthand.

AirbnbLogoOver on I blogged earlier about what a great name Airbnb was and how it confused the search engines into thinking it was about airline flights or something. Now I feel stupid for having to confess it never crossed my mind that the real story is that the full long (and sometimes originally used name) was air mattress bed and breakfast!

But I do love the fact that in this day and age when we have angel investors, even micro finance and crowd-sourcing, not to mention freelance laborers, errand runners and shoppers, why shouldn’t we also have micro accommodations at a very individual level? The internet has revolutionized all reservation systems, as a big win fro both the consumers and the suppliers.

Near where I live many people rent out their second home (or in-law unit) week by week for tourists coming from around the world to visit Yosemite National Park. I even know some older couples who have their’s booked all summer each year – and they surely don’t know much about international marketing. But they know where to list on the internet. And the county doesn’t complain – instead it merely insists on collecting the Transient Occupancy Tax to help it provide county services.

How far will this go?  When can I rent a fishing boat off an individual? Or an ATC or snowmobile? Or a pickup truck? Or a tuxedo? Or a wedding dress? Should be fun as we watch for big names to emerge in these spaces – I am dying to see what brands take over and if they can succeed without getting the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in Airbnb.

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