Where the Dot are Domains going and other talks

Are you curious about the latest changes in top level domain names?  Care to take part in discussions on where things are going as ICANN starts to assign many more top level domains? Will the popularity of .com names finally start to taper off?

Why not join me at Silicon Valley Code Camp: Oct 6 and 7 at Foothill College in Los Altos. Once again camp for all the  computer geeks in Silicon Valley will take over the campus for the weekend. Look for a session called:  Where the DOT are domains going?

My other talk is entitled “From Code to Product to Market to Business – Fast Bootstrapping” or as I like to subtitle it “How to start a business in 24 hours, or less” and I see that as of today 40 people have already shown an interest.. not bad 4 months out.

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