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April 2012 Lustros Inc goes live on US Stock Exchanges. Major investor in new large Chilean copper deposits. Ticker symbol is LSLD. See

January 2010 Mark Heffren interviews and blogs about Athol Foden’s talk on winning the search engine wars. See SDForum Marketing Sig Blog.

Dec 2009: Namers in the News: Athol Foden and Brighter Naming quoted in Earth Times in connection with the Nook eReader name.

August 2009 Summer issue of Brighter News

Covers stories announcing Kelvyn naming book as well as Emergency Golf and a great new online PR service, called WebPRPro. Use discount code BRNAME with WebPRPro to save $500.

June 2009 Naming story for young readers – with cute little critter characters

How Kelvyn Got His Name, book 1 of the Chimona Chronicles is a delightful tale of how the lakeside critters came together to run a little naming process to help their gopher friend get a name. Written by our own Rosie Reay, parents and grand parents will love this story too, and can share in the character sketches and glossary of bigger words on the companion website at Download a copy today from Foden Press and surprise the kids on their summer travels. For the young reader everywhere.

November 2008 Naming Talk

Athol Foden, president of Brighter Naming, will be the featured speaker on November 10th at the SDForum’s monthly marketing SIG group meeting on the topic of What’s in a name? Powerful Product Names, Cool Company Names. Marketing’s role in protecting trademark I/P. Details at Software Development Forum. Onsite at DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary LLP office in Palo Alto.

Nov 2007 Brighter Naming featured in Professional Services Journal

In an article written by Tom Pencek, of Service for Profit, Brighter Naming (and this very website) is quoted extensively. –> Read Article.

Nov 2007 Athol’s letter to the editor featured in Inc Magazine

Obviously the editors were fascinated by our analysis of some of the names in the most recent Inc 500 ratings. This was a follow-up to our blogging about the subject. –> Read article and details.

Oct 18, 2007 Brighter Naming comments appear in LA Times

Athol was quoted in Karen Klein’s business advice column on how to sell a slogan to corporate America.

Sept 2007 Athol’s letter to editor published in Mountain View Voice

Under the headline “Awful New Name for Middlefield Campus” our criticism of The Northern California Center for Career Pathways appeared, along with Athol’s sarcastic comment about NCCCP, the initials people were sure to use shortly.

Aug 2007 Brighter Naming finally gets its own registered trademark

After helping many people over the years get clear names that can be trademarked, Brighter Naming finally took care of its own business, and the USPTO issued our trademark certificate this month. As you can see, they say we have used it for over 5 years. And, of course, we have immediately put the ® symbol in our logo. The description of Goods and Services reads:


Goods and Services IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Business marketing consultation services; advertising services, namely, creating corporate brand identity, naming of corporations, products and services for others; market research services; business marketing services, namely development and implementation of marketing strategies for others; business consulting services in the fields of advertising, public relations, marketing, corporate identity development, product branding, strategic branding, brand positioning and promotion; business management services for others in the fields of creating, searching, evaluating, and managing brand names, trademarks, service marks and business name.

FIRST USE: 20020315. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20020315

Feb 2007 Brighter Naming in USA Today

Athol was quoted in USA Today on Ford’s decision to bring back the Taurus name. See article from Chicago Auto Show by a columnist in the Money section.

Jan 2007 Brighter Naming in the Wall Street Journal

Athol was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as Small Business columnist Kelly Spors answers questions about entrepreneurship. See Jan 9th column at Most of the article is based on his comments, even though she only directly attributed the first quote!

July 2006 Naming Talk – Consumer Products

Athol was a guest speaker July 8th at the Bay Area Inventor’s Alliance weekend. See

June 2006 Naming Talk

Athol was the featured speaker on June 12th at the SDForum’s monthly marketing SIG group meeting on the topic of You Named it What? Details at Software Development Forum. Onsite at DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary LLP office in Palo Alto.

December 2005:

In John Grisham’s new novel, The Broker, he goes into great detail on the advanced cell phone purchased for Joel Backman (See Chapter 18). This includes pointing out it runs the Symbian® operating system – one of Athol’s names from a few years ago – as used in most cell phones today.

September 2005:

Breaking News: “Yes – Hurricanes” … See Athol’s quotes on changing the name of the Carolina Hurricanes in

Brighter Naming takes exception to slow naming process advocated by competitor in Marketing Sherpa

June 2005: Read Athol’s rebuttal article on Speed Naming in the latest issue of Marketing Sherpa.

Brighter Naming sponsors The Brandies
The Brandies -The Brand NAME Awards for 2004
Call for Entries

Jan 4th, 2005. Silicon Valley, CA: The Brand Name Awards for 2004, affectionately known as “The Brandies”, invites all interested parties to nominate names for a Name Award for 2004 by visiting Anyone can enter a name online and have a chance to win their own copy of the award trophy – a beautiful brandy snifter engraved with a branding iron.

See Brandies for full release.

Brighter Naming featured in Business Week Article

See Business Week Online’s The Game of the Name article

Book Release:

Brighter Names – Naming for the Average Propeller Head
by Athol M. Foden

How do the pro’s do it? How do they keep coming up with names that are so good, legally clean and all management agree on? Well, finally here is the complete process they use, with all steps and forms for you to run your own naming project. All the techniques. All the potential pitfalls. All the ways to search trademarks and usage thoroughly. Run your own in-house naming project, or simply use it to see how to name your own small business. Download your own copy (with worksheets) from today. Ideal for company, startup, product or service names.

News: The Power of ® at work

4th Quarter 2003 Venture Funding News (Feb 15th, 2004)

The San Jose Mercury News 4th Qtr ’03 venture capital survey was published today, Feb 15th, 2004 and it includes four companies that changed their names under Athol Foden’s guidance. Together these companies raised over $43 million in their latest rounds of funding! They are:
Calient Networks $20 million Switching systems and software
Zeevo $20 million Semiconductors for telecommunications
Ensenda $3 million Same day delivery services for merchants
Zonare $714K Miniaturized ultrasound imaging devices

Obviously there is a lot more to being successful and raising a lot of money than having a good new name. But it doesn’t hurt! And it definitely lets you stand out from the crowd, create a unique marketing position and image, and provides you (and your investors) secure trademark intellectual property ownership..

Breaking News:

Brighter Naming featured in Business Week’s Small Business Section.
See Karen Klein’s article: The Game of the Name.

Book Release:

Brighter Branding – Branding for the Average Propeller Head
by Athol M. Foden

Now that the hype over branding and high tech is all over, what is branding really all about? If you are not a dummy, but have never studied this subject specifically, here is a complete easy-read for the executives and management of any company. A practical, tactical book with complete plans and methodologies to put your company on the right path – usually without advertising. A must read for creative professionals who think branding is simply about colors and words and images. Download your copy from and start reading immediately. Save your company a fortune while growing your brand right, whatever field you are in.

Articles in Print:

March 3rd, 2003: “Customer-focused efforts require listening”, by Athol Foden in American Marketing Associations Marketing News. Subtitled by their editor: “Do you hear what I hear?”


April 24th, 2002: Name Critic rides again at Brighter Naming Full release here.


What’s in a Name? – Silicon Valley Business Ink documents trend to shed those .Com era names. We told you so!

Buca vs Buca – Italian restaurants fighting over common word makes front page of SJ Mercury News. Illustrates many advantages/pitfalls of naming.

Athol featured in Business 2.0. Click here for article, but you will have to get a back issue to see his photographs.

Also featured in the SJ Mercury News. Please see Loretta Green’s July 8th column.

To be heard, you have to be different from the herd! See Athol’s column (after being edited down) in Silicon Valley Business Ink.

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