A classy brand as soon as you hear the name.

RevereLogoIf you are going to name your company after yourself, as so many do, it really helps when you have a last name as impactful as Alan Revere does. But he didn’t stop there. So today when I review the names of all the top jewelry schools in the USA, Revere Academy stands out from the crowd. Two great words to make one great name. Even though the name skews heavily to the NorthEast for historical reasons. Even though the business is located in San Francisco. Even though the school is in an old high rise in downtown San Francisco and does not look like a campus at all. The word Academy is so much more powerful than school or training in a context like this.

As I have often repeated, and based on my primer Brighter Branding, a name is a not a brand. It is merely shorthand for a brand. You still have to execute well on your brand promise. But when your name does incorporate some key brand value or image or position, then you are one step closer to imprinting that brand name on your clients’ brains. At no additional cost.

So the business name should be, and can be, a major win for your long term strategic vision, marketing and branding. Why then do so many startup companies invest more in printing their first brochure than they do in their name?


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