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Looking for a great new, unique, dot com domain name to lead your branding efforts worldwide? One that is not abstract? Here are some professionally created names with good roots, meanings and emotions. Plus we include a free trademark report on request so you know you will be off to a safe start.

NameRoots / Possible meaningsPrice (US$)
AffinacoreAn affinity for core values$2,800
AgilacoreCore agility$2,800
AgiladyneDynamic, strong, agile$2,800
AgilalineAgile but straight$2,800
AgilanetAn agile networking service$2,800
AgilaquestAn agile quest$2,800
AltaSpectrumA higher world view$2,800
AssurahomeAssuredly for your home$2,800
AssuramonicsAssured harmonics or money$2,800
Avida PointA keen place or position$2,800
AvidaforceA keen force for good$2,800
AvidaserveKeen service$2,800
BenedarA giver of good$2,600
Bright ArcheGreat bridge or connection$2,800
CercuityWith a certain acuity or keenness$2,850
Chestnut GateWarm, cozy portal$2,800
EnerguageAn energetic or energy measure$2,200
EnviradiaFull radius environment$2,800
EnvirayShining a light on the environment$2,800
EnvirondaAll around environment$2,800
EvoflairAn evolving flair (of distinction)$2,800
EvotroveAn evolving treasure trove$2,800
First SabreLeading, cutting edge products$2,800
FlexapackFlexible packaging or carry bag$2,700
ImaginoraAn imagination of gold$2,800
InvisionovaA new view$2,800
KabrizaKa pow breeze$2,800
KdiniThe knowledge Houdini$2,800
Keen VistaA super view$2,800
LaramontA unique place$2,800
LumaspireIllumination, Aspiration, Peak$2,800
MagnavimLarge, strong energy, vim and vigor$2,800
MiradiumAll around lovely view$2,800
NichefordA specific place$2,800
NovasuraA new assurance, new for sure$2,800
NumeronicsNumbers in harmony$2,800
OraglideGolden smooth glide$2,800
Paramount EdgeImportant place$2,800
PentaspireFive aspirations$2,800
Portico VantageAdvantaged view or gate$2,800
PrimaStrataFirst layer$2,800
Proud SphereWorldly pride$2,800
ProvistraProviding and view or provisioning$2,800
QuestanovaA new quest$2,800
QuestevoAn evolving quest$2,800
QuestrataA straight or layered quest$2,800
QuestrillA musical quest$2,800
QviagoWherever you go$2,800
SavantaireA wise performance or offering$2,800
ScintallineA scintillating line$2,800
ScriboriumA place where people write and meet$2,800
Sharp CompassKeen, accurate direction$2,800
SherpanionYour guide and companion$2,800
SontimaYour time in the sun$2,200
SpectraspanSpanning the whole spectrum$2,800
StratamonicsA layer of harmonics or money$2,800
TambrioFresh new first musical$2,800
TegrabaseAn integral or integrated level$2,800
TegracareIntegrating with care, integral$2,800
VantaserveAdvantage service$2,800
VaultangoLeap and travel forward$2,800
VectrantPrecise direction$2,800
VelocuityFast and accurate, sharp and keen$2,800
VeraglobeVerifiable worldwide$2,800
VerastrideWalking with truth$2,800
Verdant RayThe green path of light$2,800
XiradiumThe strong new crossover discovery$2,800
ZanagramA zen/pan puzzle$2,800
ZmonicsThe harmonics, the money$2,750
Legally available new .com brand names

The trick to picking a great brand name is not to look at a list and expect one magic name to jump out that the whole team loves. Rather you should each select four or five possible candidates. Then discuss and savor them before ranking them and comparing selections. The one that best suits your management team and directions will naturally boil to the top. Call or email if you would like to discuss the meanings, usage or variations for any of these.

Remember registered trademarks are filed by International Class, so for us to provide you with a proper trademark summary for any of these names you will have to give us some general information about the goods or services it will name. Plus what countries you are targeting.

Still struggling with your new business, product or service naming project? It might be time to call in the professionals to help. We provide fixed price, guaranteed results and scale our prices to the size of your organization so we can accommodate the one person startup or the international conglomerate. Over 20 years of experience across many industries.