Public Relations

P.R. and SEO/SEM Services


Now that you have a great new name, how will the world know about it? Do you want it to slowly percolate around your industry and get lost on the internet?

Why not put out a Press Release instead? It is so affordable, easy and effective when you know how the process. And they are so useful to quickly put the world on notice about your new name and services.

Recommended PR Communications Consultants:

San Diego: Bonnie Shaw at Clear Point Agency

Orange County: Cara Stewart at Remarx Media

Silicon Valley:  Kay Paumier at Communications Plus


While you are about it, how will Google and Yahoo find your website? More importantly, how will the prospects find you in a search? Have you done all you can to optimize your organic search rankings through good SEO techniques? And registered your domain with hundreds of different search engines and indexes?

California: Massimo Paolini at The Spectrum Group.

Complete online sales and marketing. Plus, have you started a small pay per click campaign to really drive targeted search advertising to your business?

For logo and graphics design, please see Creative Services.

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