Predictions for 2014 and Free Offers

The Brighter News Bulletin – Jan 2014

Product Names and an Offer to Make Your New Year Brighter

Safe Prediction for 2014

“Thousands of new products will be introduced by companies all over the world

And they all need a strikingly good name!

So what will happen when most common word names are taken in most industries? How much management time, legal fees and dollars will be wasted before businesses
realize there are low cost consultants that study, create and check names all day every day?

The Brighter Naming team can give you great, unique, trademarkable names in short order, for consumer, retail, financial, medical, industrial or highly technical products. Names that can be registered locally or worldwide to help build your intellectual property base at the same time. Would you like a clean, new, energetic, brighter name for 2014?

FREE Offers
It is always brighter under the rainbow. So take us up on one of these two FREE Special Offers: (1) Get a professionally researched trademark availability and recommended usage report in 48 hours or less. Just send us a short email with one product name you are considering, along with a very brief description of the product, target market, and sales region.


(2) Get a FREE tagline with any new company naming project: We will provide a detailed naming proposal and include a FREE new corporate tagline to go with the name. Looking to start a new business in 2014? Email us with an overview of your business direction, and the size of management team involved in naming, so we can send you the right proposal.

Creative Information
Enter your creative advertising, branding, writing, photography or graphics designs in a competition this year. See for all the entry details.Follow product marketing, packaging and promotion trends on

And follow specific local Brighter Naming news, articles and critical name analysis on Athol’s own blogsite at



or email


We hope your 2014 is off to a great start, The Brighter Naming Team

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