Total Brand Care

Your brand online, totally fresh every month

Are you too small to warrant your own full time web master, but need to maintain an active online presence? Do more and more of your customers and prospects find you through search engines and other weblinks?  Agri Science
Now you can have a great professional website, with active live and regularly updated content, for one fixed quarterly price. We will take care of the graphics, writing, hosting, email and maintenance for you.  Real Estate/Construction
Instead of one webmaster, you get the services of a number of professionals with specific expertise in their field, whether it be graphics design, photography, content development, news story creation, search engine optimization, partner marketing or web uptime reliability. Retail
Ideal for many small and medium sized businesses – especially those that care about their online brand image. See some samples in right hand column, though we also cover many other industries.  Industrial
And those that need the internet for generation of new prospect contacts. In many markets nowadays, without a web presence you are simply not a player.  High Tech, Bio Tech
Nothing canned. Everything planned. Your own unique identity and product focus. No money surprises. All work done on onshore with US national English speakers.  Financial


Standard Package

  •  Full webhosting with 24/7 uptime
  • Email management
  • Custom graphics (in conjunction with Nielson Design)
  • Professional photography and image editing (in conjunction with Nielson Design)
  • Your own unique standard content – professionally written and edited
  • Custom new news every quarter (or month) to develop a rich content website
  • Regular updates at short notice as needed
  • Search engine optimization
  • Company blog
Total Fee:  $900 per quarter.

Optional Extra 1

Full social media outreach program, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and all specific sites for your industry. Uplift: $300 per quarter

Optional Extra 2

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft adwords campaigns to drive direct keyword based traffic. Uplift: $450 per quarter + cost of advertising

Optional Extra 3

ECommerce implementation so you can sell right from your site. Uplift: $600 per quarter (for first 100 products) – or share of revenue.

Contact:    Nielson Design  408-741-5333 or SV Marketeer 650-960-0411

Thanks to the internet, we can offer these services nationwide.

Note: Prices do not include initial name and logo/identity generation. See rest of this site for those services.