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When you get a dreaded cease and desist letter. When your lawyers say don’t use that name just before the tradeshow launch. When a competitor announces a very similar name at the last minute before your roll out. That is when you need Brighter Namers to pull off an emergency naming project.

The process is very accelerated, the choice of names is not as large, but the work is just as thorough. We have experts who can create a lot of names in 48 hours or less and databases we can comb through.

But it is real work, and runs a slight risk of missing something on the legal side, so your lawyer needs to be standing by – as well as your management team.

NOTE: We would rather run our regular process in an accelerated time fashion, unless you really have less than two weeks to spare.

In case of real emergencies we are not available 24/7 – but we are available 18/7 and can get help from people around the world on different time zones.

Just call +1-650-960-0411

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