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Property and Resort Naming

Whether it is the next traditional Roman design, a towering skyscraper, a vacation resort on the beach, or a modern re-furbish of some old city building, a good building deserves a good name.

We can’t all call our properties Trump Towers, but we can all aspire to have a great name on our property, building, hotel, hospital, resort, shopping center or new office building. Even if we are not as unique as the Empire State Building or Pebble Beach Golf Course or the Hyatt Regency.

You instinctively know that the color and finish, service and location, conveniency and comfort, affect the positioning, marketing and branding of your complex. But what is the shorthand for this brand promise? How do you quickly and repeatedly burn it into a prospect’s brain?

With a good, unique name is how! Just like a unique business, product or service name, for those of you in the property field, the property itself may be the entity that needs a name that properly positions and promotes its value in one or two short words.

Properties show up as key assets on your balance sheet, but what good will is transmitted by your brand? And while service may be a key part of your offering, the nice part about branding properties is that you have physical structure and signage on which to put the brand name. Plus you have very strong brand touch points, so advertising may not be needed as long as people visit or see the property.

A strong, appropriate and comfortable name will impress the tenants in subtle ways, just like the entrance, image and lighting do. These all work together to add value to the property and to accelerate all your marketing efforts. Call us today for a quote on naming your new or renovated building.

Book Titles, Screen Plays, Movies, Characters

Like a name or a tagline, the Book Title is not the product or service. But it is powerful shorthand for the brand experience!

Would Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner ever have been as popular if it had been titled Tale of the Drunken Sailor?

Like namers, writers are wordsmiths too. And in most cases you can come up with a title for your own book. But does it have punch? Pizzazz? Is it appropriate? What will different groups interpret it as meaning?

As namers we don’t get to write elegant prose. But we are professionals at knowing the affect book titles have on people because of our daily work in branding and imaging with words.

If nothing else, we are a trusted marketing source, a private sounding board, and masters of shrinking complex messages into just a word (for a name) or a phrase (for a tagline).

And, of course, we are nuts about books. All our namers are extremely well-read in many genres, languages and cultures. Plus we know how to double check name and title usages, and advise you on usage to best promote and “own” the title, even though it cannot be trademarked.

Special Introductory Offer: $400 complete (book titles, screenplays, scripts, independent movies).
Full process and facilitation.

Contact us for a detailed proposal.

How much class was added to some famous operettas when they were named HMS Pinafore and The Mikado?

PS Like name generators, book title generators might be fun and give you some ideas, but there is no substitute for the human brain, especially when it is focused and trained and experienced in this area.

Just email via contacts or call +1-650-960-0411.


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