Longines – The French name for a Swiss Company

Great european brand namesNow that we live in a consumer goods fast-pace change environment, it is nice to come across an article about some products and brands that have stood the test of time. Longines is one such brand. And it is great fun to look up their trademark and really see it has been around since 1907 as a US registered trademark, as below:

Goods and Services IC 014. US 027. G & S: WATCHES, PARTS OF WATCHES, AND WATCHCASES. FIRST USE: 18690000. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 18690000
Serial Number 71027584
Filing Date May 23, 1907
Current Basis 1A
Original Filing Basis 1A
Published for Opposition July 16, 1907
Registration Number 0065109
Registration Date September 10, 1907

Attorney of Record JESS M. COLLEN
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Affidavit Text SECTION 8(10-YR) 20070709.
Renewal 1ST RENEWAL 20070709
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

This mark is so old, it predates the whole Swiss watch reputation for quality. In fact, they specifically gave it a French name to try to imply good French quality back in those days. Of course we all know French is one of the three official languages of Switzerland, but still, real Swiss sounding names are a lot more Germanic, like the watch company Breitling that didn’t become a US Fed TM until 1947.

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Enjoying the new Castrol Edge

I have often told people working for a company, that if they didn’t like the name or logo, there were only 3 choices available to them:

  1. Organize a program to evaluate and change it
  2. Live up to it
  3. Quit

Usually there are no other options, though a variation on (1) above is to refresh the logo without changing the name per se. So when I was planning on writing this note about how tired and old the Castrol Oil nameNaming of sports clubs, industrial product branding, looked in their sponsorship of the World Cup in Brazil. So today, in between watching some games, I try to do a screen capture of the old logo in use on the sideline billboards, only to find a brand new refreshed, but still distinctly recognizable, new Castrol logo, complete with icon in use at the latest stadiums as they promote their Castrol Edge brand to the world.

Was I mistaken or did some of the earlier sites not get the update? Or were they using old painted signs and not the new electronic billboards? Regardless, now all is well and we realize what a great international brand Castrol is when they can justify such sponsorship.

Quite a change from their painting of Nascar cards in red and green isn’t it?

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New .Partners domain should be fun

Well those new gTLD domains are starting to rollout and I can’t wait to see how creative people are use them. While being promoted for business entities that are actual partnerships, as are common in the legal, accounting, medical, consulting, real estate and investing fields, there are no pre-qualification requirements on the .partners domain.
New .partners domain name, creative naming guru help
Will .partners be more popular than .firm? So what will human partners do with it? What will school friend buddies do with it? What about temporary teams or marketing partners do with it?

If you hear of any interesting ones, please let us know.

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What The F*** would I do with a .wtf domain name?

WhatTheDucksSmlI have been following the development and rollout of the new gTLD’s for some time. This means all the new domains we can start to register this year. A lot of them are very practical and long overdue in English, let alone the foreign character set ones that are way overdue. Live, or almost live examples, include .club, .attorney, .guru, .hotel, .web, .church, .school, .food, etc. I even thought of having some prize for the best use of a new domain, but I don’t know how to judge “best”. Anyway, if you know (or own) some cool new one, let me know and maybe I can help publicize it.

In the meantime, I have elsewhere written about the non-value of .xyz but until today I missed that one of the new domain endings will be .wtf!  yes, I  am serious. Reserve yours today at Instra.com for example.

Was ICANN asleep at the wheel? Didn’t they at least ask what the abbreviation stood for (the application did not define it)? Just another crazy idea from Donut Domains. Oh wtf!

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Oh how we love Lolly Wolly Doodle

Retail clothing naming and brandingYesterday I was thinking we are going through a boring patch of only corny tech new names, and then today I see a company called Lolly Wolly Doodle featured on the cover of Inc. magazine. I love names that make you smile from the get-go, even if it is a bit corny and a maker of kids clothing.
They didn’t land on the cover of such an important entrepreneurial magazine because of their cover though. Rather it is because they are growing so fast and using Facebook as their main distribution channel, something so few other people or companies have been able to achieve. Ironically, despite the tortoise and doodle in their logo and name, they are able to quickly and locally custom make clothing while it is hot, and just as soon drop it if it doesn’t sell or the interest on Facebook drops off.

No long term strategic research and design for these people. Just fast execution with a cute style that especially appeals to southern mothers and daughters, with no problems if you want a custom style or embellishment too. You don’t even pay up front either since they send a Paypal invoice later. (Ed:  I love this Paypal service from personal usage too – nothing else comes close to its conveniency worldwide).

Turns out Lolly Wolly Doodle was a family nickname, based on the Polly Wolly song.  Who cares? It is cute and friendly and very, very memorable. Congratulations on having the gumption to embrace such a great name.
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See how pronunciation changes when you spell it Flo Rida.

Celebrity and place namingSince I don’t follow rap music or popular TV music shows, I had never heard about the rap artist named Flo Rida until today. And when I went looking for her picture, first thing I found out was that this Flo was a he.

More interestingly, from a phonetics language point of view, how come we all know to pronounce his name Flo, rhyming with flow, yet we would never pronounce the state name Flowrida? Ahhh, the beauty, joy and frustration of the English language. I sure am pleased to not be teaching English as a second language and having to explain when you join these two word roots up the pronunciation changes.

With many naming clients in Florida, I wonder if I will ever be able to pronounce the state name again without pausing to think of Flo and Rida.

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The new domains are live. Does anyone care?

Insiders and namiacs (like me) are excited that the new gTLD domain names are finally here and each day more and more go live. For all of those squatters out there sitting on many .com names and dreaming of hitting a lottery-size jackpot, eat your heart out.

Professional naming help

A new day and era in brighter marketing

Visit www.brighter.marketing  or www.naming.marketing and see where you end up. OK, type carefully and don’t put the .com out of habit (or even because it is one key on many smart phone apps).

Other new names coming down the internet pike that should be fun are .CLUB and .LONDON. Now all those sports clubs don’t have to be boring .orgs.  They can leave that to all the other non-profit organizations.

Anywhere on the giant mother continent of Africa you can establish a business or group and use the .AFRICA domain. Or in the UK, you can use .LONDON just to indicate your home city. It will be fun to see how these catch on, and which group (if any) starts to dominate.  For example, with .LONDON will it be the City Folk (as the financial crowd is called there) or the fashion, retail, hospitality, entertainment or music people?

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Coldwater Creek – R.I.P. but what a great name!

ColdWaterCreekImageThe big consumer news today seems to be all about Coldwater Creek filing for bankruptcy as they plan to wind down all operations. So be it, but why did such a news item from a store chain I have not even frequented in 10 years have to blow up my Facebook account with endless comments from people who are not on my friends list?

Separately, I have visited their original store which was literally across a cold creek in Sandpoint, Idaho. From the outset I gave them kudos for picking such a cool direct name because it has a mystical, magical feel to it, even though a neutral word analysis might have rated it all negative.

As all the comments on Facebook show everyone knew what they stood for, their product line and their brand values and positioning – none of which has to do with cold, water or creeks. Oh how I do love a name that works – from common English words that describe something else. The only problem is that many abbreviated it to CWC (which reminds me of Chuckies Western Cheeseburger).

Well I can’t reward them with a posthumous name award as they aren’t dead yet… but this cold creek will now flow in a different direction and a good name is probably lost forever.

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NSA is now the National Spy Agency

In the naming business we often have to remind and explain the pitfalls of initials when naming new brands or commercial companies. One of our common lines is to say leave initials to the government agencies – they have the volume and power to make any set of initials work. Plus they have to, as they are so accustomed to giving their departments and groups such long-winded descriptive names.

Groups, organizations and non-profits are often in the same league. Now is AMA the American Medical Association or the American Marketing Association or Alaskan Motocross Association? That is why it is so hard to “own” initials, especially if you have not been around for 30 years and spent millions promoting them.

Naming government servicesAnd people playing games with your initials can also get you into trouble. Thanks to some brave young gentleman blowing the whistle, I will forever more look up the NSA as the National Spy Agency. Already I have to pause and think as to what their real name used to be.


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Zello – now why didn’t I think of that?

ZelloLogoThis morning I am kicking myself twice. Once for not thinking of the name Zello long ago, despite the fact I have rated and promoted the name Zillow for real estate, and even sold clients names like Zymmetry. Secondly for not thinking (nor at least following through) on the implementation of a smart phone app that makes any phone into a walkie-talkie. There is a reason so many emergency personnel as well as construction and other workers still use walkie-talkie radios. They simply work – that is why. Even when you can’t thumb type fast or even if in fact your hands are in use. When you talk to someone or some group live it is always instant and rich communications.

Anyway, somewhere right now there is a cell phone company asking themselves why they didn’t come up with a simple, great name like Zello. There are many protestors in the Ukraine and elsewhere discovering what a great instant group communications tool the old radio idea was, especially now that we all have  cheap handsets in our pockets. The folks at Zello must have done something right to knock Skype and others out of this arena.

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