New Business or Company Names

Product Naming, New Product Branding
Fast help for your startup business or company rebranding needs.

Our proven naming process lets us serve your sole proprietor startup, partnership, small business, medium business or large international corporation.

This scalability lets us tier our prices too - so you get a full service professional naming agency for the price of a consultant. In most cases our fixed price fees are saved in legal costs alone, not to mention wasted executive man hours.

Before you change names, consider a full trademark check or even a complete name audit.
Matching taglines and product slogans too.

Recent name consulting projects have been for clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Virginia, New Hampshire, Canada, Japan, Australia and the U.K.

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Product or Service Names & Brands

Product Naming, New Product Branding
We name a new business or brand a new product line almost every week.

And we started over 10 years ago. So we have giant databases of names, an international team and a very large successful worldwide portfolio covering most industries in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Spain and Australia.

New brand names include:
Solyndra, I Fly, Symbian, Verantis, Gainspan, Viscadia, Calient, Luminora, Zequanox, Abriza, Wavii, Lustros, Qualanex, Utraspire, Brivo, Kidango, Zymmetry, AvidaSports, Agilaire, PageDNA, TegraMed, EvoTherm, Grandevo and many more. --> See Full Naming Portfolio.

Last year we served clients in New York, St. Louis, Chicago, London, Toronto, Texas, Seattle, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, as well as Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Experienced, Efficient, Economical

Economical, affordable Branding help
No business is too small or too large. Partner agencies welcome also.

"I feel like you saved me weeks. Maybe months. And many dollars." ...D.H.
"We sincerely appreciate your tagline positioning help and trademark knowledge, in addition to the fine naming work." ... B. H.
"As far as I can tell, the only thing they got right at Solyndra was the name. That is why we hired you." ... S. B.
"We have been growing exponentially since the rebranding." ... S.E.
"Our new name is just perfect for too many reasons to list. We are using it right away on our public company." ... Z. E.

We also have clients in Ohio, Colorado, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Maryland, New Jersey, Boston, Kansas, Sweden, Austria and Germany.

See Resources for more international trademark knowledge, creative and legal partners and where to register your business.